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The production process of archaize stone sculptures.

  The general process of making antique stone Buddha statues is divided into firing, coloring, smoking, some factories will add acid washing, waxing, waterproof, painting and other processes, the following we introduce our factory production process of antique stone Buddha statues. Oxygen gun is used to burn the stone carving surface roughly. Generally speaking, the longer the working time is, the longer the working time is. Generally speaking, 5-10 seconds is burned according to different years. Generally speaking, according to the size of the flame and the distance between the central burning point, the head of the gun is controlled about 5-12 centimeters away from the stone carving. The greater the fire, the farther away from the control. After the whole burning, the surface of the stone statue of Buddha is removed with steel brush and antique brush. Then potassium permanganate, ink, rust, deep tea juice, smeared on the stone surface, can be divided into several times. Then incense incense constantly on every corner of the stone bake, and daily sprinkling, exposure. After a few days, the rust and color of the stone began to be fixed. This cycle is very long, and is suitable for antique processing of stone sculptures demanding higher requirements. The finished stone carvings have a preliminary shape of antique stone carvings. If the stone carvings are placed outdoors, they can also be placed in a cool and humid place, especially near the mossy stones, to make the stone carvings more realistic.


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