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The name of the white marble has its origin.

  The origin of the name of Han Baiyu; there are two representations: first, Han Baiyu is a kind of precious building materials, it is white, solid and delicate texture, very easy to carve, ancient and modern precious buildings mostly use it as raw materials. According to legend, since the Han Dynasty, China has used this jade-like material to build palaces, decorate temples, carve Buddha statues and decorate halls. Since the Han Dynasty began to use this kind of flawless white jade as building materials, people say it is Han Baiyu. Secondly, there is a very good building decoration village material in Hotan area of Xinjiang, which is mostly pebble-shaped. Because this white snow like white stone is found in the river bed, it is translucent. It also has a crystal clear water color. People call this white stone "water white jade". Coincidentally, in Fangshan District of Beijing, especially in Shiwo Village and Gaozhuang District of Nanshangle, an excellent stone carving material for architecture has been found, and its shape, polishing and light transmittance are very good, almost as white as water and white jade. Its color is white and moist, and its texture is pure and fine, because it is produced in the western suburbs of Beijing. Mountainous areas, relative to the water white jade produced in the river bed, it has become a veritable "dry white jade". Because the origin of Han Baiyu is much closer to the capital of all dynasties and the ancient city of Beijing than water Baiyu, it gradually replaced water Baiyu in the decorative buildings of palaces and temples, and became the dominant building materials of the Central Plains. Later, due to a long time of circulation, the word "drought" of dry white jade was misinterpreted as "Han" in the Han Dynasty and became the name of today's white jade.


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