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The advantages of white marble as a Buddha.

 It depends on whether you are indoors or outdoors. Han Baiyu Buddha statue is very good, white and delicate color, but because of the outdoor wind and rain attacks, especially the corrosive coastal acid rain, so Han Baiyu as an indoor Buddha statue, can be placed for hundreds of years or more; but as an outdoor Buddha statue, generally in about 20 years will turn yellow, serious corrosion will be black ( It has something to do with the Chinese white jade that you used in that place. It's different in density. Although a protective coating has been invented to protect the statue from corrosion, it's still unavoidable. Therefore, it is recommended to make a Buddha statue outside the house instead of using white marble. Otherwise, the erosion of color and texture will affect the reverence of believers (because many of them remain in the superficial form of Buddhism). Specific you pay attention to see Beijing Tiananmen Jinshui Bridge railings, are white marble, since it is a royal building, then the use of the country's top white marble, now four or five hundred years later, its erosion results can be seen directly


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